Turning this crisis, as an independent agent, into Uninterrupted Prosperity

Many independent agents are tying to hang on and ride this out. Some are sitting and waiting on the side lines while some are battling out the elements trying to make things go right.

The battle can be tough, when what we face are forces of nature.

But here’s one force of nature not even the very Covid 19 virus can avoid: 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every single day. it is inevitable – absolutely unstoppable.

Think about it:

The majority of us, when faced with uncertainty and instability, seek comfort on those things that are guaranteed. We turn to the people and the things we can count on. And so, many folks look to Medicare Benefits, as they approach 65, with much expectations.

But understanding their options can, and evidently does cause great confusion. A prepared independent professional with the right resources is just that tremendous resource thousands of Americans need. Having the complete set of tools and channels to tap into the market is your key to uninterrupted prosperity. To begin, the first step is...

To begin, the first step is to understand that the purpose is to truly help individuals and families at a critical time. Being that answer – providing solutions.

Secondly, while having a great purpose is paramount, having the tools and the know-how to tap into this massive opportunity and to do the most amount of good, with the least effort, is crucial.

That’s where having a team like Applied GA makes all the difference.

Covid19 has jarred the job market and cast uncertainty, but the need for people wanting to help the senior market is alive and well. With the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) coming up, now is the ideal time for anyone considering this market to take action. You can capitalize on the market trend immediately and without having to wait for AEP, while also preparing for that great inflow later in the year. 

AGA offers marketing and sales support, plus the appropriate technology to operate in the current environment. AGA gives you access to participate in proven programs or design your own. With 50% co-op programs, we can dover half your marketing costs so you can make your dollars go further. In addition, you can leverage our established relationships to access bulk discounts and find more savings.

Now more than ever, agents and agencies need technology they can use to make sales right from home. AGA has the solutions you need to obtain leads, host virtual events, and enroll clients remotely. Our proprietary enrollment technology even allows you to fill out the application on behalf of the client, and simply collect a digital signature via email, much like the paper process we’re all used to!

We make it easy to take action and leverage this market opportunity.

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