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4 Steps to Spring-Clean Your Website

When was the last time you updated your website? Not a full overhaul with a new logo or a dynamic interface – when was the last time you checked for broken links or updated your articles? Your website is an important tool to help convert prospects and reach old and new clients, and it should be properly maintained. Here are some simple tips to keep your website fresh.

Update Everything

It’s easy to overlook how often your agency, its products, and its services change. Check that your contact information is accurate and add any new products or services. Also, make sure your site matches today’s version of your agency rather than the agency it was when the website launched.

Check for Broken Links

There’s nothing as unprofessional as clicking a link on a website only to be brought to a page that doesn’t exist. Beyond being an annoyance for anyone visiting your site, broken links are also bad for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Depending on the size of your website, you could simply check the links manually or run Google Chrome’s Check My Links extension. However, if you have a rather large website, it’s wise to invest in a professional tool, like Semrush.

What’s New?

Blogs, social media widgets, and new pages make your website feel active. But if you aren’t updating these sections, it can make your site – and your company – look and feel abandoned. If you haven’t posted new articles since 2017 or left your What’s New page totally blank, it’s time to make a plan to keep up with these sections or scrap them entirely.

Double-Check Your Domain

Don’t let your website domain expire. At best, clients will be taken to some unclaimed page when they type in your website. At worst, someone can snag the domain out from under you. It can happen to anyone. Even Google has had problems with expired domains! Check the status of your domain, set reminders to renew your plan before it expires, or set up auto-renewal so the domain is paid for automatically.

You don’t have to redesign your whole website to make it feel fresh. Taking the time to dust off the cobwebs and open the windows can make a world of difference.

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