Video Conferences and Medicare Supplements:

Twin Tools in the Work-from-Home Era

If you are finding it challenging to adjust to the new world of working from home, you’re not alone.  For advisors especially – advisors who typically are successful because they love to help people – sheltering in place is extremely difficult.  But there is truth in the adage that challenges breed opportunity. 

What if you could be successful in working from home and generate strong residual income? You can do both by selling Medicare Supplements.  Why Medicare Supplements? Because 10,000 people a day turn 65, and therefore have a need for the product, and because those prospects – like you – are hunkered down at home.

As more people go online, count the senior population among the fastest growing online demographic groups.  Think about it; seniors want to be connected online with their grown kids, grandkids, and friends. So reaching them online in some fashion makes a whole lot of sense.

A great way to reach them online these days is through video conferencing. Before you assume that your older prospects will be reluctant to agree to a video conference call, think about what they’re going through right now.  Many of them are physically isolated from their children and grandchildren and are already learning that video conferencing through Zoom and other platforms is both easy and fun.  This past Easter holiday, many seniors around the world had a video conference Easter “visit” with the grandkids, and in many cases shared a virtual Easter dinner with family.  Seniors are becoming more and more comfortable with the medium.

Video conferencing can be the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting, and can be much more effective than calling on the phone because the visual connection with your prospect or client helps build trust.

 Here are some tips and tools that can help you sell more effectively through video conferences:
  • Dedicate Office Space to Video Conferencing: Your office needs to be set up so that there is a nice background viewable behind you, and so that here is no noise, either inside or outside your home. If you have pets or children, and depending on your area’s stay-at-home directives, you may want to consider renting a small office space outside your home to avoid unwanted noise. Make sure that the background looks neat and professional, and dress for success daily. If you are using a laptop, it may need to be raised so that your line of sight is aligned with the camera. You don’t want the camera to be videoing you from a lower angle, as that view is generally not flattering. If you are using a desktop app, make sure your camera is of good quality. You want to check out your setup and make sure it is positioned well. If you have any professional certificates you’ve earned, you want them positioned behind you so your prospects can clearly see them.
  • Technology: You do need a good camera set up, but the great news is that most of today’s laptop computers are equipped with high-quality cameras.  In addition, you will need a strong and fast internet connection; you don’t want your video to slow down when you’re talking to a prospect. Finally, you’ll need an app that will provide you with good video quality as well as give you the ability to show prospects a file or presentation as needed.  Zoom checks all of those boxes, but there are other options too.
  • Comfort Level: This is likely a new approach for you, so take the time to become familiar with it.  Before starting to work with prospects, you will want to do several test runs with family members or close friends.  It won’t take long, but do make sure one you are familiar with the tools before “going live.” 
  • Med Supps and More: As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Medicare Supplements are a natural fit for video conferencing, owing to the size of the market and that so many seniors are growing more comfortable with technology.  But don’t limit your thinking to these products alone.  The general uncertainty of the pandemic and its effects on the economy have sparked interest in life insurance, annuities, and other products as well.  You may find your clients and prospects are much more interested in learning about a wide range of options for minimizing their risks.
  • Carrier and IMO Partners: Don’t overlook the importance of working with carriers and marketing partners that fit your own market, your own approach, and your own business model.  In this case, you will want to ensure that all of your up line partners have the experience and ability to support your remote setup. As you work remotely, you’ll find that e-apps, lead generation programs, marketing support, and competitive products with great renewals are all critically important to your success.

Give video conferencing a try, and you may find a valuable new tool for building trust and providing your prospects and clients with the coverage they really need.

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